West Chester-Based A. Duie Pyle Plans to Grow Its Regional Network with New Terminals 

A. Duie Pyle
Image via FreightWaves.

West Chester-based A. Duie Pyle is planning on further expanding its regional less-than-truckload network in 2023 by adding three new terminals, according to a staff report from Land Line

The Regional Northeast U.S. carrier will open terminals in Pittsfield, Maine, Queens, New York, and Charleston, West Virginia 

A. Duie Pyle is a privately held transportation and logistics provider with 27 LTL service centers and 18 warehouse facilities. It was founded in 1924. 

The terminal that the company is planning to open in New York was purchased by A. Duie Pyle in 2009. Since then, it has been leased to another carrier. 

“Through our network of long-term and strategic partners, Dayton Freight Lines, Southeastern Freight Lines, and Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Pyle’s (warehouse and distribution) and brokerage – coupled with our engineered solutions offering, can truly optimize a customer’s supply chain to provide best-in-class services without the capital necessary to run a private fleet, or own and operate a warehouse,” John Luciani, Pyle chief operating officer of LTL solutions. 

The company will also open an Allentown warehouse facility in 2023 and one in Fredericksburg, Virginia. the following year. 

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