Former Steelers Linebacker Creates Cannabis Line to be Sold Around PA, Including Paoli

Ryan Shazier
Image via Steel City Greats.
Ryan Shazier during recovery.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers star linebacker Ryan Shazier’s football career ended with an unexpected an spinal cord injury, and after learning how to walk again and move forward with his life, he has pursed a new business venture with Pennsylvania dispensary Organic Remedies, writes Brian Linder for Penn Live.

Shazier was injured in December of 2017 against the Cincinnati Bengals and he later announced his retirement in 2020.

He used medical marijuana along with intensive physical therapy to help him get better again. Now, he wants to help others manage physical and mental pain. He partnered with Organic Remedies to create his line of “Steel City Greats” cannabis products.

The Steel City Great’s website mentions how he found marijuana to be a safer, more natural alternative to pain management than opioids.

“God has a bigger plan for me, and I am using my blessings to help others through ventures such as my partnership with @Or_Remedies which allows me to share the Steel City Greats to help those in need of pain management, depression, and anxiety relief,” Shazier wrote on Twitter.

The four different strains are called Walking Miracle, Steel City Greats 50, Speed, and Shalieve. They will be sold at dispensaries around Pennsylvania, including Paoli.

Read more about Ryan Shazier at Penn Live.

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