Exton-Based Wellness Influencer Pens Health Book to Inspire, Elevate Readers

Ashley Robertson CycleBar
Image via CycleBar Exton.
Ashley Robertson.

CycleBar Exton general manager and wellness influencer Ashley Robertson recently finished writing a new e-book on healthy eating titled Back to Our Roots, writes Gina Lizzo for the Main Line Today

Robertson knows how to leave participants in her classes feeling inspired, invigorated, and rejuvenated. But she was not always the motivating powerhouse she is now. 

“I had crippling anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, stomach pain, and head fog,” she said. “I wanted to heal. I just got tired of dealing with this low-quality life every day, so I looked into all the ways my choices might be impacting me. Food was a big one.” 

The book is the first installment in a series that has a goal if helping readers gain a better understanding of the way our bodies are nourished by food and how they can make good dietary decisions that will elevate both their physical and mental health. 

“My hope with this material is to empower you to make informed decisions about your food and where it comes from, provide resources, and ultimately help you to recognize your autonomy over your own life and health,” said Robertson. 

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