New York Times: Longwood Gardens Alum Has Some Advice for Seed-Sowing Fanatics  

Image via iStock.

Andrew “Drew” Schuyler is an alum of the professional horticulture program at Longwood Garden in Kennett Square, and he’s also a seed fanatic. During his time at Longwood, Schuyler was able to yield thousands of plants in greenhouses, writes Margaret Roach for The New York Times.

Schuyler admits to impulse buying seeds and takes a keen interest in the art of sowing. His niche hobby has paid off, as his flowers have caught vistors’ attention at New York’s Untermyer Gardens.  

In fact, the Zinnia elegans Inca’s flowers caught the attention of a visiting R & B artist who decided to use it in a music video.

“I approach it the way I approach cooking,” he said, “which is to look at a ton of recipes and then find some middle ground to guide me.” 

Schuyler recommends organizing seeds in a spreadsheet based on temperature requirements, depth, and when they need to be sown. He says that eager gardeners shouldn’t start too early when sowing their seeds and emphasizes the importance of making a calendar for sowing dates.  

He also recommends investing in LED lights and using a germinating mix for seed starting.  

Read more about this Longwood Gardens-trained seed-sowing expert and his advice in The New York Times.  

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