Private Collection Gifts Over 100 Bonsais to Longwood Gardens

Bonsai artist Kevin Bilecki, left, with the donated bonsais at Longwood Gardens
Image via Jen Samuel, Daily Local News.
Bonsai curator Kevin Bielicki stands in front of the donated bonsais at Longwood Gardens.

A generous philanthropist is making a major donation of rare bonsai trees to Longwood Gardens. Doug Paul owns Chester County’s Kennett Collection, a miniature arboretum of ornamental trees. It’s considered the “finest collection” outside of Asia, writes Jen Samuel for The Daily Local News.  

Paul began his prestigious assortment of bonsais back in 1999, and it’s been growing ever since. The collection requires constant upkeep where bonsai masters are always pruning their precious plants.  

The first part of the donation includes 50 bonsai over the next two years, and cash to support maintenance of the bite-sized bushes. The second part includes 100 more bonsais and a $1 million endowment for upkeep.  

Longwood Gardens is no stranger to bonsais. It already has 78 of these tiny trees. The $250 million dollar Longwood Reimagined Project includes creating a Bonsai Courtyard. The project will include the revitalization of 17 acres of land in the gardens.  

Seven of the donated bonsai are already on display and can be found at Longwood’s Conservatory. The initial collection began in 1959 with only 13 trees on display.  

Read more about the Kennett Collection’s donation of bonsais on The Daily Local News.  

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