City Slickers Find the Perfect Property in Oxford to Allow Their New Hobby to Blossom

Image via Unsplash.

After growing up in cities in India and living in urban areas in the U.S., Nina and Siddhartha Banerjee craved the countryside, and they found the perfect property in Oxford to make their dream a reality, writes Sally Downey for the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

The empty-nesters spent a long time canvassing the market for a space that would allow them to garden. Then, one day, Siddhartha’s friend showed him a wooded area in Oxford, and they decided to go for it. 

On the 1.5-acre property sits their 1978 saltbox house, a new greenhouse, and vegetable garden, where the Banerjees grow kale, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, and cucumbers.  

“We had only ever grown a few things in pots,” said Nina, who teaches psychology at Delaware State University.  

Despite their lack of experience, the couple attended gardening meetings, read books, and shopped at plant sales to learn more. They also have plans to create a personal “secret garden” that will become a meditation area. 

Read more about Nina and Siddhartha Banerjee in the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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