70-year-old Landenberg Boxer Keeps Fighting – and Winning

Bob Meyer
Image via Richard Gaw, Chester County Press.
Bob Meyer.

Seventy-year-old Landenberg resident Bob Meyer became a competitive Master Boxer thirteen years ago, writes Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press

He was inspired to start boxing competitively in part by his friendship with Clif Johnson, who owns Lef Jab Boxing Club in West Grove. Meyer has been training at the club for nearly three decades. 

Since then, he has accumulated a 4-1 record, with his latest win coming in October last year at the Showboat in Atlantic City. Meyer entered the ring as a middleweight entry in the Masters Boxing Championship. 

He had prepared for the fight for ten weeks, and then approached it with the same philosophy he has been following since his first fight in 2010. 

“Let my opponent worry about defense, because I’m going to throw non-stop bombs at him,” he said. 

Once again, the strategy worked and within two rounds, his opponent was defeated. 

Meyer, who also still plays Rugby, has no intention of stopping any of his sports any time soon. 

“I tell my wife that I will quit boxing and Rugby when I am on the other side of the ground, but not until then,” he said. 

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