Want to Avoid Burnout? Here are Workplace Red (and Green) Flags to Look For

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Burnout is a common affliction in the workplace, caused by unmanaged stress. Employees who experience burnout are also more likely to have a litany of mental and physical problems, writes Natalie Tham for CNBC. While there is only so much you can do on the job, there are things you can do to avoid finding a job that might cause you burnout. Here are some red and green flags to look out for before accepting a position:  

Red Flags  

Expects you to always be available 

Nothing breaches work-life-balance more than expecting employees to always be responsive. E-mails or texts outside of working hours can really cut into free time.  

Praises for overworking   

If bosses or managers praise employees who often work beyond normal working hours, it sends a message that over-working yourself is something to be proud of.  

Green Flags 

Invests in employees 

Companies that want their employees to thrive will show it through actions. Skills workshops, bonding events, and mental health resources are all green flags.  

Leaders encourage mental well-being  

Experts tell CNBC that company leaders who encourage seeking help and are open about their mental well-being show that they can “walk the talk.”  

Read more about red and green flags to look for in the workplace on CNBC.  

Crash Course gives advice on how to prevent burnout.

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