PA Liquor Board Spills the Details: Chester County Prefers Whiskey

liquor on shelves
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Chester County has ranked No. 5 out of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties for the amount of money spent on liquor sales in 2021-22, according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s annual report.

The county spent $123,876,646, or 5.06 percent, of the state’s total liquor sales. This is 2.47 percent higher than fiscal year 2020-21.

While the majority of Pennsylvanians prefer vodka, Chester Countians seem to prefer whiskey.

Whiskey sales generated $23,862,217, followed by white table wine sales at $22,427,963, and vodka sales in third place at $18,175,524.

Unflavored vodka was the best seller in 32 counties, while American Whiskey came next. Silver or Blanco tequila was also a favorite, among many other beverages that people spent their liquor dollars towards.

The top three counties – Allegheny, Philadelphia and Montgomery – accounted for 35 percent of PA alcohol sales. Overall, $3.02 billion was spend on liquor, which is a 3.8 percent increase from the previous year and a new record for the PLCB.

Read more about Chester County’s favorite liquors in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s annual report.

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