Advanced Technology from Kennett Square Company Helps Local Bar Reduce Overpours, Drive Profitability 

Image via Unsplash.

Buckley’s Tavern, a restaurant and bar located in Centreville, Del., has teamed up with Kennett Square-based BarVision to reduce overpours and drive profitability. 

BarVision is the innovator behind the powerful liquor monitoring solution that encourages employee accountability and increases revenue and bartender tips.

Before using BarVision’s technology, more than 40 percent of Buckley’s Tavern’s pours were for tall and double beverages and less than 10 percent of POS (point of sale) posts were the same.  

After the restaurant installed intelligent, wireless liquor spouts from BarVision that match pours to POS transactions, it became more aware of bartender practices and used the data-backed results to adjust its operations. 

Within 90 days, the establishment’s overpours and undercharges went down to 10 percent from the original 40 percent. 

“BarVision has been incredibly effective for our business and has even strengthened the way our team works together to operate the bar,” said Buckley’s Tavern owner Tom Hannum. 

Overall, the tavern’s revenue increased by $100,000 per annum. Liquor costs were reduced from 19 percent to 15 percent, while bartender tips also increased by 15 percent.

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