Di Bruno’s Wine Collaboration Series Highlights Local Connections  

Image via Jose F. Moreno, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Sande Friedman is the wine manager for Di Brunos.

Gourmet food and gift hub Di Brunos is cashing in on Pennsylvania’s loosening liquor laws by introducing wine to its pallet. The shop’s wine buyers oversee collaboration with indie winemakers from across the country, writes Craig La Ban for The Philadelphia Inquirer. The collaboration series showcases these selected wines to pair with one of their 500 specialties cheeses.  

This year, Di Brunos, which has a location in Wayne, is featuring a hearty and tarty dolcetto from Oregon’s Pray Tell Wines. It’s paired with Whitney Cheese from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont. Wine manager Sande Friedman takes an on-the-ground approach to selecting the showcased wines. She and her team even go as far as helping crush grapes.  

Each collaboration has an element of local connection. Pray Tell’s founder and winemaker Tom Caruso grew up making wine with his grandfather in Philly. In 2023, Di Bruno’s will feature wine from Red Newt Cellars in the Finger Lakes, Oregon’s Division Wines and Lehigh Valley’s Galen Glen Winery.  

Read more about Di Bruno’s wine curation in The Philadelphia Inquirer.  

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