After Nearly a Decade of Service, Chester County Commissioner Michelle Kichline Will Not Seek Re-Election

County Commissioner Michelle Kichline, who yesterday said she would not seek a third term, stands between then-county commissioners Kathy Cazzone and Terence Farrell at Turn5's ribbon cutting event in January 2018.

After nearly a decade of service, Michelle Kichline, the sole Republican on the Chester County Board of Commissioners, is not planning to seek re-election in 2023, writes Kenny Cooper for the WHYY.

Kichline believes this decision should not be surprising to those who know her ideals.

“I firmly believe that elected officials should have limited terms,” she said.

Kichline was first appointed as a Chester County commissioner in 2014 for a year to fill a vacant seat. She has since been elected two more times.

“I knew this was not a permanent position, but I’ve loved it,” she said. “It’s been terrific.”

In the nine years that she has served as commissioner, she is most proud of how the county dealt with the opioid crisis.

“We actually very aggressively went after a lot of the opioid manufacturers,” she said. “This is even before it became a statewide initiative. We were one of the first counties to file some lawsuits on behalf of our citizens.”

Former state Rep. Eric Roe and educator David Sommers have both announced they plan to run for the Republican nomination for Kichline’s seat.

Read more about Michelle Kichline in the WHYY.

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