Litter Lifters of West Vincent Keep Chester County Streets Clean


What started as a small group of dedicated individuals trying to keep the streets of Chester County clean, turned in a movement with volunteers dedicated to the cause of keeping Pennsylvania beautiful, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6ABC.

Beth Intoccia spearheaded the Litter Lifters of West Vincent early in the pandemic so people could get fresh air while also making a difference.  

The group, which is a subcommittee of the Environmental Advisory Council, now has dozens of volunteers.

The Lifters work with other organizations like Keep Chester County Beautiful to maximize the county beautification. Youth ambassadors also join efforts to clean the streets. 17-year-old Naomi Tzoanos is one of the environmentally conscious volunteers.  

“This is like a lifelong practice, so it’s not just picking up trash. It’s also the recycling at the home,” said Tzoanos. “If you have that, like, perspective change and you really value your environment in a different way, that’s how you can make positive change.” 

The task force’s Instagram boasts removing one thousand bags of litter since they started in 2020.  

Learn more about how the Litter Lifters are making a difference in Chester County on 6ABC.

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