Quakers Arrested for Protesting Vanguard’s Environmental Policy in Malvern

Quakers with Sign Protesting Vanguard
Image via Alejandro A. Alvarez, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Earth Quaker Action Team protests against Vanguard's climate policies.

Eight members of the Earth Quaker Action Team, otherwise known as EQAT, were arrested Wednesday for protesting at the Vanguard headquarters in Malvern, writes Erin Arvedlund for the Philadelphia Inquirer.  

The group was seeking a meeting with the investment company’s stewardship executive to discuss its record on environmental issues. EQAT is calling on Vanguard to “phase out” its investment in companies that rely on coal as well as fossil fuels. The group is also asking Vanguard to commit to achieving zero-emissions by 2050.  

This isn’t the first time EQAT took a stand against Vanguard. The group had a weeklong march back in April to expose the company’s stake in oil, gas and coal.  

In August, the investment company vowed to launch a fund aimed at more socially responsible investing, including environmental justice.  

“That’s positive, but it’s not stewardship. It’s not what they pledged: to engage with companies to mitigate climate change. ESG funds don’t take the place of using their influence at Exxon to change course,” said EQAT spokeswoman Eileen Flanagan.  

In the meantime, the EQAT members who were arrested for trespassing have since been released from the Tredyffrin Township police station. However, they could be charged with misdemeanors. 

Read more about the Quakers’ fight against climate change on the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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