The One Question You Should Always Ask Yourself Before Resigning from Any Job

a woman resigning her corporate position
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Have you been ready for a while now to call it quits at your current job? Before rushing into anything, make sure you are looking at all the angles.

Guest columnist for the Philadelphia Business Journal Stan Silverman formulated one key question everyone should ask before resigning: “Should I work somewhere else, start my own business or retire?”

This question comes from the reality that you may just be fed up working for someone else. So changing to a new company could still leave you unsatisfied. Whereas retiring could leave you feeling unfulfilled.

That is why an increasing number of people are becoming entrepreneurs.

Silverman cites how as of 2018, people aged 55-64 account for 25.8% of new businesses.

Do you actually want to retire and just have free time, or do you just want to use your late stage of your career focusing on what you love doing while making money doing it?

Silverman wants to open your mind to the fact that your choices at this point are not just work for someone else or stop working. All your experience could have positioned you to do well in your own new business.

Need help figuring out your answer to this question? Get more guidance by reading Stan Silverman’s entire column in the Philadelphia Business Journal.


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