7 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

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If your work no longer excites you, you may have started going back and forth on whether it is still the right place for you. Is this just a fleeting phase, or have you fallen into a rut?

The job site Indeed shared a lot of information for when you can tell that your job is not going to get any better for you. See if any of these major signs that it is best to move on seem familiar to you.

Bad Pay

Regardless of what the job is, you are ultimately there to earn a salary. If you are not making enough to support the life you want, you won’t be content there.

You Don’t Care About What You Do

It’s not realistic to always expect to have a dream job, but you should at least feel accomplished by what you do. If the results don’t interest you, neither will the work.

It Goes Against Your Standards

Some people are willing to stretch the rules for minor issues, but everyone has a breaking point. If you go home with a guilty conscience, no salary will soothe you feeling like you have sacrificed your values.

You Have No Free Time

Are you working overtime and weekends regularly with no end in sight? You deserve to have a life outside of work too.

Everyone Walks on Eggshells

You don’t have to be friends with your coworkers, but it shouldn’t feel like everyone is ready to stab you in the back if you let your guard down. You need a manager who you aren’t afraid of and coworkers who are supportive.

You Are Underutilized

Maybe this was supposed to be a placeholder job until you found what you are more qualified for. If this job isn’t offering any advancement, you are actually hurting your career prospects by undervaluing yourself.

You Hate Being There

Sometimes it is as simple as whether or not you are happy. Work is where most people spend the majority of their day, so if you hate it there, you are going to be miserable most of your waking hours.

Leaving a job can be scary, but it beats staying at a job that has outlived its purpose in furthering your goals.

For all the warning signs to look out for that your job has run its course, take a look at Indeed’s post here.


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