Exton Newlyweds Ride Out Hurricane Ian on Honeymoon in Disneyworld


Exton newlyweds Justin and Katie Bellace have had their honeymoon in Disneyworld in Orlando, Fla., disrupted by Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the country, writes Bob Brooks for 6ABC. 

After spending some time enjoying the park, the couple found themselves on lockdown in their hotel as the hurricane made its way to Florida. Thankfully, the mood was high as the storm approached. 

“Everybody’s under the idea that we’re all in this together now,” said Katie Bellace. 

Meanwhile, Philadelphia Eagles fan Gabe Ferraro, a New Jersey native who currently lives in Cape Coral, Fla., took his Eagles flag out into the wind as the storm raged on. While showing his Eagles pride was fun, he admitted he does not want to go through something similar ever again. 

Forty-five members of PA Task Force 1 are now headed to Florida to help the victims of Hurricane Ian. 

Read more about the aftermath of Hurricane Ian at 6ABC

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