‘I Never Want to Drive in Rain Ever Again’: Downingtown Woman One of Many Still Haunted by Ida

driving in rain
Image via iStock.

When it rains, it pours for Downingtown resident Kristin Herman, one of many Chester Countians still dealing with the harrowing effects of Hurricane Ida, including the lingering fear that comes with the increase of thunderstorms and bad weather, writes Justine McDaniel for Phys.org.

“By far the worst drive of my life. I never want to drive in rain now ever again,” Herman said about the night that she had to flee her home to escape the flooding. “Driving in rain now is awful.”

The Hermans said that they have a “constant desire” to protect their home and family after suffering through the hurricane’s wrath that left them staying long-term in a hotel and a bill of $85,000 to fix their home. 

She described herself as “white-knuckled” this past April on a drive home from work during a heavy rainstorm. Now, she works from home when she can to avoid driving during unpleasant conditions, and her husband, Ross, is more afraid to leave his family to work evening shifts. 

Read more about Kristin Herman at Phys.org. 

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