16-Year-Old Avon Grove High Schooler Becomes Youngest Private Glider Pilot in Nation

Lars Trone
Image via Richard Gaw, Chester County Press.
Lars Trone.

Lincoln University resident Lars Trone became the nation’s youngest private glider pilot on his birthday of July 25 at the New Garden Flying Field, writes Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press.

Trone, a sophomore at Avon Grove High School, is a member of the Brandywine Soaring Association at the New Garden Flying Field and is a cadet commander at Claremont Airport near Elkton. Since he was 11-years-old, he had taken an interest in aviation.

“From the very beginning, I enjoyed the feeling of being in control of something so much larger than us, and being able to do something that humans cannot do and actually be in control up in the sky,” said Trone.

In order to receive his certification, Trone mastered over 1,700 pages of FAA manuals, logged more flight time hours than what was required, and also practiced thousands of take-offs and landings at his home flight simulator.

“Ultimately, I want to make a career out of flying,” he said. “I have already seen so many young people begin to lose their passion for what they once loved to do, but flying to me is always something I will be excited to do. As long as I am flying, I will be happy.”

Read more about Lars Trone in the Chester County Press.

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