Could Renting an Office Make You More Productive than Working from Home?

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With how much enthusiasm many workers have for being able to do their jobs remotely, it might sound strange that some would want to return to the office.

Being remote means no commute, no dress code, and no one watching over your shoulder. But maybe that lack of regiment has you feeling like your work has a lack of structure.

Could renting an office space be the solution? Here are the pros and cons.

The Commute

Working from home can feel great if as soon as you are done work you are able to quickly switch gears and get into something productive for yourself. Having time for the gym or preparing a home-cooked meal is great if you’re able to make the switch.

However, some people are used to having the commute as a buffer between each side of their life. The way to work lets them get in the mindset for the job, and the ride home lets them decompress before shifting into family mode.

Set Your Own Schedule

Much remote work provides the freedom for you to get things done at your own pace. That can either be a huge relief or take so much pressure off that you procrastinate. Are you good at setting your own deadlines? Or does less flexibility help keep you better on track?

No Dress Code

A lot of people enjoy not having to spend money on a formal wardrobe and just being able to wear whatever is comfortable while they work. For others, the attire sets the tone for the day. For some, wearing shorts and a t-shirt while working from the couch feels like wearing a suit to do some yard work. Sure, you can, but it can feel distracting. Maybe dressing up for the office gets you in a more productive mindset.

Family Time

Working from home means you replace coworkers with family. That can be great if you need to take a minute to decompress by cuddling with the dog or getting some reassuring words from a spouse. Or it can mean children screaming and playing and a pet who thinks it’s okay to hop onto your keyboard. You often emulate the energy of the people around you, so some people work better away from a casual environment.

Remote work can definitely be a great option, but as with most things, one solution is not for everyone. Consider all the pros and cons to decide what work environment is best for you and if renting an office makes sense.

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This video walks you through four benefits of renting office space in a coworking office space.


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