7 Fully Remote Career Paths That Are Hiring

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If you have gotten used to working from home and are not interested in dealing with the surging gas prices or a commute back to the office, you have remote career options.

Courtesy of Forbes, during the height of the shutdown many more companies became more open to hiring remote workers. Here are some great remote career paths to check out currently if you prefer telecommuting.


As the global health crisis confined people to their homes, the importance of being able to safely conduct work digitally has never been higher. Every company needs someone who knows how to protect their business from scams, viruses, and other cyber threats.

Digital marketing

Another side effect of everyone doing so much more work digitally is that much of advertising has shifted to being digital.

Companies now need dedicated people who know how to present ideas that would have once been in magazines and billboards and now share them with a digital audience.

Customer service

Even as people were limited in going to stores, it did not limit their shopping. Digital storefronts need people available who can help resolve customer issues in place of the face-to-face experience.


This umbrella term can apply to a number of roles, such as grant writers, those working on community outreach, or trying to enact change on climate policy.


Remote work has made us all much more connected globally, leading to a greater likelihood of businesses dealing with international clients. If you are multilingual, that could help make you suited to being a liaison between parties.

Workplace Diversity Experts

Alongside staying healthy, one of the most prevalent topics of the last several years has been social injustice. This has caused companies to realize they need to step up when it comes to ensuring minority voices are heard and respected.


We have seen how schooling has shifted to being done over Zoom, and tutors are similarly now available remotely. This creates a prime environment for a tutor to reach more children than ever who need assistance.

As you can see, being remote has not limited jobs in any way. In fact, it has opened up much more opportunities for people regardless of where they are based.

To learn more about any of these careers and if they are a good fit for you, read the Forbes article here.


In this 12 minute YouTube Video, Laura of SuperHumans Life shares tips on how to get a remote job with no experience


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