Career Corner: Rebounding From a Botched Job Interview

Interviews are high-stress situations, and unfortunately, sometimes that will get to you and make you go down in flames during your big moment.

Writing for Harvard Business Review, Marlo Lyons explains how to dust yourself off and focus on your remaining productive courses of action. Here are the key points he mentions.

Asses How You Did

If you feel you did terribly on one question, you are likely hyper-fixating on that.

While the interview is fresh, jot down the questions and your answers you can remember.

See if the overall picture paints a better image of your performance.

Can You Fix it in Your Thank You Email?

If it’s a case of you flubbing one question, your thank you email after the interview is also one last opportunity to give the recruiter more information.

Don’t Overthink it

When you feel you have done something wrong, you obsess over being found out. Maybe you are assuming the lack of response from the manager is because you blew it so badly.

Or it could just mean they need more time to review candidates. If there is nothing further you can do, don’t stress yourself out dwelling on it.

Keep Applying

Taking action is the best way to stave off anxiety. Whether an interview goes great or horrible, always keep applying.

If you got the job, maybe now you have other offers to consider. If you get rejected, you might already have an offer somewhere else by then.

Get Ready for the Next Interview

If you flubbed a question you think is likely to be asked again somewhere else, practice your answer. Speak to people you trust about what a good response would be so you can enter that next interview prepared.

Despite how it feels, one bad interview is not a disaster that you can’t recover from. The sooner you get back to trying, the sooner you will get over it.

For more details on these strategies and their importance for recovering from a bad interview, read the Harvard Business Review story here.


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