Country Club in Malvern Builds Proverbial War Chest as Post-Pandemic Spike in Golf Interest Continues

White Manor Country Club
Image via White Manor Country Club.

Like many other golf clubs in the region, White Manor Country Club in Malvern is enjoying a prolonged post-pandemic spike, writes Michael Bradley for Main Line Today

According to general manager Bret Herspold, last year was “busier than ever” for the club. 

Thanks to the increased activity on the golf course and in the pro shop, the club was able to build a war chest that is devoted strictly to making capital improvements. The money will be used to give White Manor’s ballroom and the bar adjacent to it an overhaul. The pool will also receive an upgrade. 

Tee box upgrades have already been implemented, as well as new looks for the men’s and women’s locker rooms. 

White Manor Country Club is part of the Concert Golf Partners concern that consists of 22 clubs spreading from Boston to Palm Beach to Denver, and nearly all of these locations are currently experiencing post-pandemic bonanzas. 

“We’re allowing each of our clubs to make improvements,” said Herspold. “And more playing is allowing us to grow.” 

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