Levante Stables Says Goodbye to Chester Springs Location, Looks Forward to New Ventures

Levante Stables
Image via Levante Brewing Company.

Levante Stables is saying goodbye to Chester Springs as it prepares for its last day of business on Sunday, June 26. Nonetheless, Levante Brewing Company has a bright future with plans for expansion and a nearby Ardmore location, according to a report from Breweries in PA. 

The Chester Springs location was always meant to be a long-term home, but after two years, Levante was unable to reach an ongoing agreement on its lease. 

“We will surely miss each and every patron that has walked through the barn doors, drank our beer, and made us feel right at home on Park Road,” said Levante Brewing Company CEO Tim Floros. “We’re truly grateful you’ve allowed us to elevate the craft beer and community experience with each pour.”

The company looks forward to supporting and serving neighboring communities in the coming months as it plans new ventures. 

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