Ducklings Stuck in Storm Drain in West Sadsbury Township Saved by Local Firefighters

ducklings rescued by Keystone Valley Fire Department
Image via the Daily Local News.

While firefighters spend most of their time dealing with fires, sometimes they get calls to save animals stuck in unfortunate circumstances, according to a report from the Daily Local News

That was the case last week for the Keystone Valley Fire Department, which was contacted by West Sadsbury Township Police.  

The emergency? A brood of ducklings was reported trapped inside the storm drain at the West Sadsbury Commons, behind Signature Pizza. 

Tac 8 arrived at the scene and was soon able to locate the unlucky (but adorable) ducklings. Keystone Valley Fire Department personnel got to work and soon the 10 ducklings were rescued from the storm drain and taken to a safer environment. 

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