7 Careers That Will Thrive in the Future

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If you are not thinking about the future you can wind up being left behind. That is especially true in terms of your career, where new technology can easily change how successful your field is.

It is never too early to look towards where the best future will be in terms of work, and courtesy of Alux, here are some of the top-paying jobs that will only be expanding in the coming years.

AI Scientists

Currently, digital analytics can offer people a lot of insight into different online behaviors. However, people are already trying to create artificial intelligence that can interpret that data instead. The work for people will instead shift to programmers who will design AI with this capacity.

Gene Designer

We already know modern medicine can identify many traits that people and animals will be predisposed toward by their genes. And in the not too distant future, gene manipulation could be used to correct genes that could lead to problems like poor eyesight or heart problems.

Virtual World Designer

Virtual reality is not just a gimmick for video games. It has steadily developed more practical uses, like plans to one day have a virtual workplace for employees to be able to attend through a headset.


While not exactly a new field, cybersecurity is certainly a reliable one. Each passing year sees us grow more dependent on smartphones, tablets, and computers, necessitating people who know how to protect against cybercrime.

Real-Estate Developer

Though not as high-tech as some of the other positions on this list, it is just as necessary. In short, the Earth’s population is only continuing to expand. So it only makes sense that we will continue to need people to create housing for our expanding societies.


This is a field that deals with optimizing the world’s energy. With everyone needing energy for their devices, and technology only getting more powerful, someone needs to create more reliable and long-lasting energy sources for the world to use.

Robot Manufacturer

Artificial intelligence is constantly improving, leading to more advanced robotics. While the tasks that some once did might now be done by robots instead, someone will still have to do the more advanced work of making the robots.

Jobs with strong futures will always pay well, so getting into any one of these fields offers not only steady work, but a reliable income.

For the full list of jobs expected to do well in the coming years, read the Alux article by clicking here.


Alux, the fast-growing media company delivering inspiration, tools and knowledge to millions of luxury enthusiasts every month, describes 15 jobs that will thrive in the future.



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