From Forbes, The 10 Best Companies for Remote Workers in 2022

Remote Worker

If you are dreading your company’s return to the office, you have alternative options available. As an article for Forbes explains, at the start of 2022, many companies are embracing remote workers.

They compiled a list of the 100 best companies for remote work, but here are the top 10 if you are not ready to go back to an office yet.


As the name suggests, TranscribeMe is a transcription service that works with all manner of different companies. Transcriptions are customized by real people working by telecommuting.


You might think a retail business would struggle to handle virtual employees, and yet Williams-Sonoma does so while selling cooking and kitchen accessories.


This is a contact center outsourcing company that offers adaptable positions for all needs, from remote, to on-site, to even hybrid-style positions.


This technology and services company shows the benefits of welcoming remote workers, currently employing over 60,000 workers based in 22 countries.

Varsity Tutors

The same way schooling has adjusted to being online, so has tutoring. If you think you have ability as a tutor, help students with studying while working from home.


Assisting with the virtual side of customer relations, SAP is a software company based in Germany, but open to anyone who is the right employee.

Working Solutions

Another contact center outsourcing business, Working Solutions shows the importance of a willingness to adapt, having started in 1996, but now being open to some of their team working distantly.


If working in technology is more your thing, SYKES has a need for services that can help businesses, such as IT consulting, and they are open to you working from home.


As demonstrated by Liveops, health, and insurance also has a virtual component you can contribute with, such as working in their sales call center.


Number one on the list is the healthcare company BroadPath who, unlike many companies, did not suddenly pivot to remote work because of Covid. BroadPath embraces telecommuting so much that it has been their standard for the last decade.

If a return to on-site work is not for you right now, you have other options at your disposal if you take the time to look.

The list from Forbes contains 100 different companies. To see them all, read their article by clicking here.


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