Top Job Boards for Finding Remote Work

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With more and more companies being open to employees working remotely, many people have started looking to transition away from jobs that require a commute.

However, not all job boards are great for finding remote career opportunities. If you exclusively want remote work, looking for remote job opportunities on sites that include all manner of jobs can bog down your search process.

The Ascent compiled some of the best remote work job boards available, with these six being the standouts.


If you want to pick up more independent work in a variety of fields, Upwork lists projects that clients are looking for someone to complete. This provides you with clear information on what your rate of pay will be, as well as the length of the assignment.

We Work Remotely

If you are looking for steady work, you certainly have options there from online services. We Work Remotely is a free site that collects consistent positions for you to check out and you can then head to the company’s website to apply for the ones that interest you.


If you want to focus solely on your free options, Jobspresso is a great place to start to check out your prospects for jobs in writing, marketing, data work, and many other computer-based professions.


This service has both free and paid models depending on how much trouble you are having in your search. It also lists remote work in both part-time as well as full-time capacities.


While this site does require a subscription to use, it boasts a huge base of currently over 30,000 hiring remote positions in a variety of fields.


While not specifically focused on remote work, LinkedIn remains a strong tool for finding a job even when it comes to telecommuting. You can adjust your search filters to specifically focus on showing you relevant remote positions.

If you are ready to make the switch to being able to do your job from home, you have more options now than ever, so start exploring to see if you can find the right fit.

To learn more about each of these job boards, check out what The Ascent has to say here.


Remote job coach Jordan Carroll offers insights on how to leverage LinkedIn to find remote opportunities anywhere in the world.


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