Covid Boosted the Economy and Your Career

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It is well-documented how devastating Covid has been for many businesses. However, as the country has acclimated to the conditions of the pandemic, it has introduced some workplace changes that employees would not be sad to see stick around.

In an interview for Forbes, Provost Professor of Economics at Southern California University, Matthew Kahn, talked about the impact Covid has had on the economy. And it is not all bad.

One of the main points Kahn focuses on is the dynamic of working from home and how it creates so many more opportunities for workers across the board.

Though many initially thought remote work would be a temporary change, it has clearly stuck around much longer than anticipated. And while a lot of companies are trying to bring workers back into the office, other businesses have been more willing to embrace remote work as a permanent change.

As Kahn discusses, this presents a variety of worker advantages. Not having to commute to the office can equate to hours saved that would have been spent riding to and from work, as well as saving on gas or public transportation costs.

Another point mentioned is the upwards mobility remote work provides for female employees interested in starting a family. For those who want it, working from home provides working moms a more practical chance at continuing their careers uninterrupted.

A flexible remote schedule better accommodates recovery time from childbirth, and can also reduce the need for finding childcare. Kahn argues this will help eliminate the earnings gap that exists between many men and women.

Lastly, remote work provides more job opportunities for workers regardless of their location. Many remote positions are open to hiring candidates regardless of their time zone. So for workers who were not ready to move across the country for work, this opens up those job opportunities for them. It even enables workers to look at jobs in other countries.

As Kahn summarizes, people often talk about the changes Covid has created for businesses in a negative sense. But long term, Covid may have changed workplace practices for the better.

To read the entire interview with Matthew Kahn and all the topics he discussed, check out the article from Forbes here.


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