Career Corner: Writing the Perfect Thank-You Note After a Job Interview

Thank You Note.

If you have always viewed the post-interview thank you email as perfunctory (or worse yet, optional) then you are wasting your final opportunity to make a good impression.

This last point of contact is a great time to remedy any errors and make a great closing statement. By way of the Ladders, here is a breakdown of how to perfect crafting your thank you email.

Starting off, you don’t want to delay composing that email. It is standard protocol to send it within twenty-four hours of the interview.

As for the message itself, express your gratitude to the interviewer for them making time to speak with you. While doing so, also reiterate the position, as the interviewer is likely interviewing many people and might be filling multiple different roles.

Next comes the most advantageous section for you, where you have a moment to touch on anything you think could help you.

Perhaps you forgot to mention a major project you have done that relates to this position. Maybe you stumbled in properly responding to a question and want to fix that now.

Even if you felt the interview went fine, it is still nice to take this moment to circle back to a part of the interview you thought made you shine. And then it is customary to also mention something you learned about the company or position during your talk.

Regardless if you think the email is pointless, it is so simple and quick that it would be foolish to not seize on something that could make a difference. While a thank-you email won’t salvage a disastrous interview, it could be what sets you apart from other strong contenders.

If you require further detail on how to compose your email, get more information in the article from Ladder here.


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