With More Land Preserved in Oxford and Cochranville, Chester County’s Rich Agricultural Heritage Gets Richer

cows grazing
Image via Creative Commons.
Farms like this one have gained county and state protection, saving them for future generations.

State and county investments in farmland preservation have helped permanently preserve more than 150 acres of agribusiness real estate in Cochranville and Oxford. A staff report in the Daily Local News dug up the details.

“Local farms are already partners in preserving our agricultural heritage, supporting our economy, and helping ensure access to fresh and nutritious food,” said State Sen. Carolyn Comitta, who serves on the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.

She said that thanks to these investments, “they’re also partners in conserving the open spaces and scenic rural areas that continue to define Chester County.”

The farms that have received investments through the Pennsylvania Farmland Preservation Program and Chester County farmland preservation funding include:

  • The 53-acre Larry W. and John D. Althouse Farm
  • A livestock farm in Cochranville
  • The 55-acre David K. and Katie F. King Farm
  • A dairy farm in Oxford
  • The 28-acre Stewart Ramsey and Wendy Komnik Farm
  • An equine farm in Cochranville
  • The 15-acre Peter L. Temple Farm, a crop farm in Cochranville
  • The 18-acre David and Phoebe McElhenny Farm, a crop and livestock farm in Honey Brook

Read more about Chester County’s farmland preservation efforts in the Daily Local News.

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