New Shopping Platform Combines Best Elements of QVC, TikTok

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Image via ShopShops.

ShopShops is the new immersive platform that offers a QVC-like livestream shopping experience that spotlights products and their creators and combines them with TikTok-inspired entertainment, writes Freya Drohan for

It is a global shop that runs 24/7, with streamed events taking place on a regular basis in more than 30 cities.

“ShopShops gives you all the top designers and vintage markets right at your fingertips,” said founder Liyia Wu. “It’s social entertainment, shopping with your chicest BFF, and finding the best deals all rolled into one.”

The main element of the platform is its livestream shopping, similar to the televised, in-home shopping experience that made West Chester-based QVC a household name.

“It’s like going to a favorite store, or visiting the weekend flea market, anywhere in the world without having to take an Uber or plane!” said Wu.

The company currently has more than a thousand partners across several continents, including brands like Marni, Jimmy Choo, Chloé, and Fendi. The app streams from some of the best vintage markets throughout the world, including New York and Tokyo. The app also discovers deals and shares them with the shoppers.

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