QVC Helps Former Actress Achieve Retail Success by Embracing Her Asian Heritage in Her Skin Care Products

Jennifer Yen on qvc
Image via QVC.
Jennifer Yen.

Former actress Jennifer Yen, best known for her role of villainess Vypra on the Power Rangers television show, achieved great success after deciding to take advice from QVC buyers and adjust her skincare product line to showcase her Asian heritage, writes Marli Guzzetta for Inc. magazine.

Yen started her beauty brand based on Asian traditions in 2008. She gave the company a French name, Purlisse, along with traditional Western branding. And while people loved her product, sales were low.

Then, in 2014, she ran into some of the QVC buyers and pitched Purlisse for television. However, QVC wanted her to represent the brand in an authentic way.

“You’re all about Asian beauty rituals,” they said, “but Purlisse doesn’t quite represent you.”

This prompted her to start a new Asian-focused cosmetics brand, Yensa.

In March of last year, she first appeared on QVC, and her product ended up becoming the second-best-selling brand for that show. After her product sold out for the second time, QVC made a purchase order.

“I’m grateful for the feedback the QVC buyers offered and glad I took their advice and started Yensa,” said Yen.

Read more about Jennifer Yen in Inc. magazine.

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