Vanguard Group’s New Advertising Campaign: ‘You’re Not Just an Investor, You’re an Owner’


man playing trumpet
Image via The Library of Congress at Creative Commons.
Vanguard Group's newest television ad uses a Louis Armstrong vocal in its messaging.

Vanguard Group is augmenting its first television ad campaign from two years ago, strengthening its position as a client-owned entity. Jeff Blumenthal covered this nest phase of its marketing for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The new spot is accompanied by a cover version of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” It follows a father and daughter as they nurture a flower they found growing in the cracks of a city street.

“A rich life is about more than just money,” states a voiceover. “That’s why at Vanguard, you’re more than just an investor — you’re an owner. So you can build a future for those you love.”

The national campaign is called “The Value of Ownership” and is Vanguard’s first since it appointed Razorfish as its new media agency earlier this year.

The company said the campaign was introduced “to celebrate the benefits of its unique corporate structure which makes clients, owners” and that the goal is “to underscore the value that investors can realize by investing through a firm with no outside owners other than its clients.”

Read more about Vanguard in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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