Tuesday with Michael: 8 Daily Questions to Drive Success

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What do extremely successful people do at the end of every day?

They reflect on the day and evaluate how it went. Reflection involves asking questions and taking the time to answer them. Successful people ask themselves many questions for many reasons but these seven can and will drive success when used daily.

The first question is, “What worked?”.  Successful people take the time to recognize what they are doing right. They celebrate successes because they are passionate about their goals and believe moving even the smallest step toward achieving them is a big win.

This is proven to increase confidence, motivation, and productivity. People who do not take the time to relish in the joy of their daily successes become burnt out and lose the drive to achieve their vision.

The second question is, “What didn’t work?”  Successful people look at what didn’t work that day and they view failures as lessons. They are solution-focused and ready and willing to adjust their action plans and realign their goals whenever necessary.

They strive to be proactive and avoid problems but when they do occur, they correct their actions quickly and create a plan to repair whatever damage has been done.

The third question is, “What activities can be simplified, eliminated, delegated, or outsourced?”  Successful people work smarter, not harder. They know they need to focus the majority of their time on the activities that have the highest payoff, so they are proactive about doing more of what matters and less of what does not matter.

They are humble enough to know that they are not the best at everything, and they cannot do it all alone. They empower others by trusting them with new responsibilities.

The Fourth question is, “What are your Top 3 High Payoff Activities?” Successful people know the top 3 activities that they do best and that produce the greatest reward. They reflect on this daily to stay ahead of any changes that occur.

The fifth question is, “What are your biggest time wasters?” Successful people reflect on their day and look at what they did to waste time. They are quickly aware of what they need to stop doing and take action immediately.

Questions six and seven are a simple summary of the biggest wins and biggest lessons. “What were my accomplishments for the day and what were my lessons learned?

You can ask yourself these questions at the end of each day and substantially increase your productivity. You only need to set aside 15 minutes each evening to do this and it will allow you to stay focused on what really matters most. Keep in mind that life is a journey. Daily reflection conditions us to be mindful of each moment and live life to the fullest.

Norman Vincent Peale once said, “One of the greatest moments in anybody’s developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is.”    

Daily reflection allows us to see the reality of who we are now and create a plan to become who we want to be. It’s the little things done on a daily basis that will decrease anxiety and promote progress.

You can click here to download the Daily Results Maximizer which will walk you through these 8 questions at the end of each day.  This tool will turn this process into a habit and once that happens you will start to see a big jump in your productivity.

I guarantee you will see a massive and measurable difference in your results – your success will reach new levels – you will succeed beyond the beyond.

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