Career Corner: 3 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

Job Interview in process

You just got through a job interview for a position you really want and you feel like you did great during the conversation. But now your mind is replaying every moment looking for flaws as you wonder if you are going to hear any good news.

How can you set your anxious mind at ease during the days of waiting ahead?

If you frequent Glassdoor you know they have all kinds of help for your job search, including posts explaining the hiring process. Courtesy of their site, there are a few clues to indicate you made a good impression on your interviewer.

A great simple sign the interview is going well is if eventually you are not just talking about the job with your interviewer. Maybe at some point, you mentioned a fun place you traveled and the interviewer revisits that point to share anecdotes of their own trip there.

If things start turning into a friendlier conversation, that’s a good hint the interviewer is enjoying getting to know you and wants to hear more.

Likewise, if the interview lasts longer than the estimate you were told, that is probably because they have lost track of time due to enjoying the conversation.

They may even be wrapping things up and then spot a team member that they decide to introduce you to. There is not much reason to go out of your way to help people get acquainted that you don’t expect to see each other again.

So if you are shaking hands around the office, at the very least the interviewer has you on the maybe list.

Sometimes the interviewer can even verbally give it away themselves, flat out saying your response from earlier was a perfect description of what they want. If they are complimenting your answers then that is clear enthusiasm.

If the interview ended with that sort of energy, you might feel free to start getting your hopes up.

Unfortunately, the truth is you can never know for sure until the offer is extended to you. But hints like these can help you determine whether it is time to forget about that job immediately, or if you can give yourself a break from the job search to see what happens.

If you want a detailed read of other signs to look for, make sure to read the post from Glassdoor located here.


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