The Top 10 Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs Around Philadelphia

Sales Manager at a Starbucks

When contemplating what careers have both longevity and a high earning potential, people often settle on the answer of the medical field.

And while that is true, the focus on nurses and doctors might overshadow some of the many other viable options worth considering.

Earlier in September, Stacker analyzed the highest paying jobs that you can get in and around Philadelphia. Based on that information, here is a compilation of the ten highest-paying jobs in the area outside of the medical field.

#10 Purchasing Managers

The first position on this list already comes with an income generally around $154,000. As a purchasing manager, you are using your expertise to assist a company in making informed and strategic decisions when acquiring necessary resources, services, and products to keep the business functional and improving.

#9 General and Operations Managers

This position can come with a range of duties for whatever organization you are with. It can often involve delegating through subordinates how to properly utilize company resources, manage corporate policy, and focus on human resources. $155,000 is a normal salary for this type of work.

#8 Marketing Managers

The marketing manager analyzes data from the company as well as competitors and uses that information to form a plan for subsequent marketing programs. Being aware of trends and responding accordingly is integral for success in this role, and comes with a typical salary of $157,000.

#7 Petroleum Engineers

With fuel remaining a high priority for our power, the person in this role is tasked with not only overseeing drilling but also analyzing ways to further advance techniques for acquiring oil and gas. You will generally make just under $158,000 for this kind of work.

#6 Architectural and Engineering Managers

Take on a lead role in architecture and engineering projects by guiding them through the research stages, develop a realistic plan, and see the project through development. $158,000 is a normal baseline to expect for a job of this nature.

#5 Natural Sciences Manager

Further the research and development into such areas of science as biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics as well. On average, a role at this level is earning about $160,000.

#4 Computer Systems Manager

A good background in technology and an ability to simplify information will serve you well in this role. For handling a company’s data processing, analysis, and programming you can expect to make upwards of $161,000.

#3 Sales Managers

This position sees you being the one responsible for distributing a product or service to customers. You will typically achieve this by developing a sales territory in which you work, and managing a team of sales representatives and guiding them in quotas to be met. $163,000 is a common salary to expect.

#2 Financial Managers

Rather than helping individuals, this work focuses on creating a plan for investments and accounting in regards to company departments or even entire organizations. Around Philadelphia, the compensation for this role tends to be around $171,000.

#1 Chief Executive

The annual mean salary for this position is just shy of $240,000, a significant jump from the previous entries due to the scope of your responsibilities. In collaboration with the organization’s board of directors, the chief executive supports the future of the business at the top level, with the ability to enact far-reaching changes.

If you want more details about the full list of 50 jobs that Stacker covered be sure to check out their article here.


In this YouTube video, Shane Hummus offers insight on the highest-paying business careers.


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