West Grove Insurance Pro, Inspired by a Sack of Cement and Some Glass Shards, Traded Actuary Tables for Art

Margie Samero, owner of Step by Stepping Stones
Image via the Chester County Press.
Margie Samero.

Margie Samero, owner of Step by Stepping Stones studio in Avondale, pivoted from working in the insurance industry to creating stained-glass art for a living, writes Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press.

Samero had no interest in pursuing the life of an artist. But a sudden burst of inspiration changed her life forever.

Two decades ago, she embarked on an improvement project in her West Grove home, repairing a cement wall.

After finishing, she had a bag of concrete mix leftover. So, she decided to combine some stained-glass scrap pieces, a gift from a friend, with the cement.

She made several more pieces and put them up for sale. They were gone within a day.

“If you’re not an artist and you’ve never been into artisan crafts, and suddenly someone gives you money for something you made in your basement, it’s a very proud feeling,” she said.

Today, Samero is a prominent artisan who creates stepping stone designs and crushed-glass, framed works. She appears in craft shows across the country and ships her work to homes around the country from her online store.

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