How a Dog-Breeding Couple in Avondale Turned Grief on Its Furry, Pointed Ear


Rather than becoming engulfed with the grief of their 15-year-old son’s suicide, Sean and Raquel Bennett use their memories of him as inspiration.

As a result, they formalized their hobby — breeding French Bulldogs — into a full-time business, honoring, Sean Jr., a big fan of the spunky breed, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6ABC.

“He loved our dogs,” said Sean Sr. “They put him in his happy place.”

Since its founding, Franceschi Frenchies in Avondale saw six generations of award-winning pooches that found their perfect companions. For the owners, every smile cracked in the presence of their puppies brings back memories of their son.

“If he was here, he would be right here with us, playing with the dogs,” said Raquel. “He’d be wanting to share them with people to make people happy.”

French Bulldogs have been growing in popularity, rising in 2020 to the position of second-most-popular breed in the nation, according to the American Kennel Club. The dogs are noted for having expressive faces topped by prominent, bat-like ears. Their temperament is adaptable, playful, and smart.

Despite newfound demand for these affectionate charmers, the Bennetts are keeping a sharp eye on producing generations of healthy dogs.

“We want to make sure our clients know that popularity doesn’t change our breed ethics and our standards,” said Sean Sr.

Read more about Franceschi Frenchies at 6ABC here.

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