Handi-Crafters’ ‘World of Work’ Training Addresses Work Tasks as Well as the Subtle Abilities Related to Success


Handi-Crafters, Chester County, World at Work
Image via Handi-Crafters.
Handi-Crafters' World of Work Class of 2021 includes, from left, Douglas, Nathan, and Jordan.

The career training that Handi-Crafters supplies encompasses the day-to-day aspects of employment: the proper performance of required work, the importance of punctuality, the value of thoroughness, and more.

But the work world of 2021 is a constantly changing matrix of social skills, evolving expectations, and shifting norms that even regularly-abled people find difficult to navigate.

Differently-abled employees can find themselves quickly overwhelmed.

To ensure ongoing ease and success, the organization uses a holistic approach. Before sending clients out into the workforce, it arms them with the knowledge needed to perform the specific job for which they were hired. But it also trains in the “softer” skills associated with interpersonal success.

The Job Hunt and Work Expectations

Handi-Crafters‘ Community Integrated Employment office strengthens client abilities that kick in even before obtaining a job. It offers multifaceted coursework in individual and group settings under a program called World of Work.

World of Work’s curriculum covers job-hunting particulars such as resume-building, networking, and interviewing. These necessities are challenges to any potential employee — differently-abled or not.

The syllabus also addresses behavior that new hires will be expected to exhibit once on the job. Its topics include effective speaking, best practices in customer service, professional interactions with management and supervisors, and the importance of projecting confidence.

Graduates get a certificate, a tangible representation of the coursework they’ve completed. This document can be shown to a hiring manager, evidencing acquired skillsets, or simply kept as affirmation of a student’s own accomplishment.

Class of 2021 Grads

Handi-Crafters recently graduated a class of World at Work students.

Nathan, a new alum from the program, appreciated the information. He intends to use it as part of his long-term vision for his future.

“My goal for doing the World of Work Program is to make more money and eventually be able to live on my own and depend on myself,” he said.

Nathan was one of three graduates; the other two, just as proud, were Jordan and Doug.

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