25 Hashtag Tips for Your Job Search or Business

Hashtag Tips for Your Job Search

Have you created a branded hashtag for yourself as a job seeker or for your business? When people like, share, and comment, it’s a win for engagement.

Hashtags are used to indicate a topic, category, conversation, theme, event, campaign, social issue, your brand, location, contests, Twitter Chat, crowdsourcing content, and more on social media platforms, so content is discoverable by others.


  • Each hashtag starts with the # (pound) sign
  • Do not use spaces between the words
  • Do not use any symbols
  • Do not use punctuation
  • Do not glom together too many words; shorter is better
  • Check your spelling or your hashtag will not be discoverable
  • Check that the hashtag has not been used before (if you want to use for your personal brand) and that it does not have negative implications that would hurt your brand
  • You can’t register a hashtag like a trademark or service mark
  • Change up the hashtags you use so you are not using the same ones each time
  • Use camel case for ease of reading, e.g. #GreatCareersPHL instead of #greatcareersphl
  • Do not engage in hashtag stuffing using too many hashtags in your posts or it may look spammy
  • If content is sponsored, follow FTC guidelines with your hashtags so you don’t get fined
  • The popularity of hashtags differs by platform (e.g., #instagood would be used on Instagram)
  • Use hashtags on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • You can follow hashtags on LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Encourage others to follow your hashtag with a call to action
  • If you post popular hashtags on LinkedIn like #India and #Innovation then your post may be buried in a nanosecond versus using a hashtag that has less followers
  • #don’t #hashtag #every #word #in #your #post
  • Use best-hashtags.com to search for related hashtags to one you are seeking
  • Use metahashtags.com for the best Instagram hashtags
  • Use hashtagify.me to search the popularity of a hashtag
  • Read previous article on How to Create & Follow Hashtags on LinkedIn
  • Read LinkedIn Hashtags Continue to Evolve where you will learn that the first three hashtags used in a LinkedIn post become part of the URL
  • Read Linkedin’s Hashtag Tips


Jobseeker Hashtags

#jobsearch #jobseeker #jobhunt #careertransition #careermanagement #gethired #interviewing #interviewprep #resume #resumetips #ONO #opentowork #executivejobsearch #ITjobs #hiring

Client Seeker Hashtags (as an attorney, for example)

#ada #agediscrimination #disabilitydiscrimination #disabilitylaw #discrimination #employmentlaw

#employmentlawyer #genderidentitydiscrimination #sexdiscrimination #openforbusiness

Here’s your last tip! Some people ad humor by stringing together too many words, so #ihopeyouhavefunwithusinghashtags

As a nonprofit leader, I always welcome volunteers to share their expertise and fill those employment gaps for a Win-Win! Let us know how we can help each other!

#volunteer for our #nonprofit

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