LinkedIn Hashtags Continue to Evolve

Hashtags on LinkedIn seem to be further evolving with changes to the algorithm. The first three hashtags become part of the post’s URL.

By Lynne Williams

Hashtags on LinkedIn seem to be further evolving with changes to the algorithm. A previous article was published on “How to Create and Follow Hashtags on LinkedIn” on May 17th, but we need to revisit this topic again.

As a thought leader on LinkedIn, you can publish articles on LinkedIn as well as posts, not to mention liking, commenting, or sharing other people’s content. Commenting is always preferred by LinkedIn to likes and shares.

However, when you write and publish an article, LinkedIn notes that you can edit the article, but you cannot edit, remove, or add hashtags you included in the article. So, make sure you have your hashtags confirmed and spelled correctly before you hit the publish button.

Companies can manage trending employee content hashtags if they are logged on as an administrator on the company page.

Hashtags can also be added to create Linkedin Page Communities.

But here is the latest on hashtags. If you happen to follow the #NewLinkedInFeature hashtag on LinkedIn, you would have noticed new posts last week that have people wondering if there is an algorithm change that LinkedIn has not notified us about.

Previously, I mentioned that you should only have three (3) hashtags in your posts and LinkedIn expert, Kevin D. Turner, has noted that these first three hashtags used in your LinkedIn post are now part of the post’s URL. So, there is speculation that this may be picked up by Google for search, indexing, findability, and rankings.

I tried a post with the three hashtags and … sure enough … the three hashtags became part of the URL as you can see below.

I tried another post with four hashtags, but only the first three became part of the URL.

The bottom line is that #hashtagsmatter so choose wisely!

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