Tech Tips With Margaret: How Administrators Can Use Zoom Services to Optimize Their Day

Admin Assistant at her Desk

Everyone is well aware of the advantages of doing video calls with Zoom, but some people might not realize how many other features from Zoom could make their day easier.

For administrators and assistants, the full features of Zoom will have you wondering why you weren’t taking advantage of them sooner.

First, there is Zoom Phone, which offers many of the advantages of a video call, only more flexible.

You can set up Zoom Phone to work on computers, cell phones, and even office lines. You can also switch your call between those platforms without dropping the call, or even seamlessly switch it over to a video call.

Zoom Phone can even record conversations so you don’t miss any important details without even needing to jot down notes.

You also have Zoom Chat, a messaging service that enables you to quickly chat with other employees through typed messages.

This can be used to hold one-on-one chats, or even across entire groups thanks to the ability to organize team members by channels. For reaching a lot of people at once in a more casual format than an email, Zoom Chat is a big help.

And of course there are Zoom Meetings, which most people are familiar with, but even this part of Zoom is one where people might be overlooking some of the available features.

For instance, most people know they can record their meetings, but did you know Meetings can also provide you with a searchable transcript of the conversation? Users are also aware they can share their screen, but some might not realize multiple users can screen share at the same time, even co-annotating while doing so.

If you’re in a role that requires you to keep track of a lot of information or interact with a lot of people, a pad and pencil is no longer the most efficient toolset. Harness the full power of all of Zoom’s services and features to maximize your productivity.


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