Tech Tips With Margaret: The Advantages of Zoom Phone


Everyone has become well-acquainted with Zoom’s video call service, and it has become one of the standard ways for working professionals to stay in touch virtually.

However, Zoom also recently celebrated the two year anniversary of its new service designed to give professionals even more versatility: Zoom Phone.

Download the Zoom Phone Brochure here.

As the name suggests, Zoom Phone is for professionals who are looking to connect with each other just for a call rather than a video meeting.

Some might question how this is more advantageous than simply doing a Zoom meeting with your camera off, but Zoom Phone offers a ton of benefits to enhance your phone call experience.

For one, Zoom Phone can be set up to work on any of your devices you are already capable of getting Zoom on, as well as your landline phone.

Even more helpful is that you can seamlessly switch your call between devices without losing connection. So you can start a call at your computer while you work, then transfer it over to your cell phone mid-call if you need to go somewhere.

In addition to voice mail, Zoom Phone also offers you the capability to record your calls and save them for later, making it easy for you to keep track of any important details you discussed. The service will even give you access to information about your call’s quality and network data, so you can monitor how well you are able to reach the people you need.

Click here to download your free copy of Zoom Phone brochure.

You even get to keep your freedom of choice thanks to Zoom Phone’s ability to bring your own carrier, so you don’t have to worry about anyone in the office being left out. It all ties back to what makes Zoom Phone so great: versatility that you can adapt to whatever professional environment you work in.


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