Chester County the Most Vaccinated County in Pennsylvania

Dan Weckerly
Vaccine rates in chester county
Image via the Daily Local News.

Chester County is excelling at administering vaccines. It has outpaced all other counties in the state, writes Fran Maye for the Daily Local News.

Two-thirds of county residents are either fully- or semi-vaccinated, according to the Chester County Health Department. This makes Chester County the most vaccinated county in Pennsylvania.

So far, fully vaccinated Chester Countians number more than 145,000; more than 132,000 county residents await their second dose of the two-shot varieties.

Last week’s sharp drop in COVID-19 cases is attributable, in part, to these efforts. The county recorded 603 new cases last week. This statistic represents a drop from 750 positive cases the prior week and 1,158 the week before that.

To date, 769 people in Chester County have died from the coronavirus.

Deaths have also dropped significantly since the December high. According to data from the Chester County Health Department, 14 people in the county died of the virus in April.

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