Is Working from Home Not Working Anymore? It’s Time for a Private Office


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In 2020, we saw several businesses close their office doors and opt for a more remote workforce. Many people were sent to work from their couches, breakfast tables, and beds. While some enjoyed the laid-back nature of working from home, others are starting to find that putting on dress pants and actual shoes for a drive to an office was more essential than they thought.

Here are five signs that you’re ready for a private office:

1. You can’t unplug after work.

Turning your kitchen table into your home office may have sounded nice at first, but now you’re having trouble switching off at the end of the day. Commuting from home to work and work to home allows you a transition period to switch between hyper-focused work mode and Netflix-with-your-cat mode.

2. Your home is now immaculate.

Cleaning and over-cleaning are common signs of the unthinkable … procrastination. While you may not be a natural-born procrastinator, it happens to the best of us. Home is a hot spot for distraction. “I’ll be able to focus better after I vacuum” is one of the many lies we tell ourselves when motivation starts running low.

3. Your “Hang in There” poster isn’t doing it for you anymore.

The busy and upbeat energy of an office setting goes a long way in helping people stay motivated. Moments of spontaneous collaboration between colleagues helps keep the wheels turning and the creative juices flowing.

4. You’ve got a bad case of Zoom Meeting Freeze Face.

With many schools also turning to remote learning, you may have noticed your “high speed” Internet is having trouble keeping up with all the virtual meetings going on in every room of the house. Meetings seem to be lagging while your co-workers get to stare at a lovely image of you frozen, mid-blink.

5. Starbucks is sick of seeing you.

Home is no place to hold a meeting with clients, and while your local coffee shop may have been a decent placeholder, it can come off a little less than professional when you’re discussing important information over children screaming and baristas steaming.


If any of these resonate with you, don’t worry – a Private Office may be your remedy. With a wide variety of sizes and available amenities, there is an office for any budget. Pillar Real Estate Advisors is here to help you find what will work best for you.

“Many don’t know that our tenant representation services are totally free,” said Shannon Caldwell, Pillar’s Marketing Director. “The building landlord pays us, so there’s no reason not to reach out and see if we can find you something!”

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