CBS’s 60 Minutes Profiles Chester Springs Family’s Tragic Ordeal with COVID-19

Kimberly McGuane

The Phillips family of Chester Springs was hit by COVID-19, and the losses it had suffered by the end of the months-long ordeal have changed it forever, writes Scott Pelley for CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Last March, Andy Phillips had to be taken to the hospital due to COVID-19 complications while his wife Trish and their four children suffered at home. His father was also in the hospital with the coronavirus at the time, and a few days later, Colin, the couple’s oldest son, also had to be taken in.

Luckily, Colin was able to return home after a few days, but both his father and grandfather had to stay in the hospital.

The eldest Phillips passed away on April 28, but the family still had hope Andy would make it. He was a six-day-a-week runner and in his early 50s. He managed to endure 65 days in hospital, before dying May 31.

For Trish, Andy’s death changed everything.

“I kind of always leaned on him,” said Trish. “He was kind of our rock. It’s just a different future for me.”

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