Two WCU Grads Launch App That Makes It Easier to Buy Drinks for Friends … from a Distance


Image via BruYou.
From left: Tim Grisillo, Nick Mingone, Ryan Perri, and Jeff Grisillo.

West Chester University graduates Tim Grisillo and Jeff Grisillo have joined forces with two friends, Ryan Perri and Nick Mingone, to launch an e-commerce startup in Pennsylvania that makes it easier to buy drinks for friends from a distance.

BruYou has been quickly embraced by bars, breweries, and restaurants – including Suburban Brewing Company in Honey Brook and Stolen Sun Brewing Company in Exton – as a way to stay connected with their patrons during the pandemic.

“The app is meant to connect people to a drinking experience that they may otherwise not be able to share in person,” said Perri. “Can’t make a 21st birthday? Send a drink! Can’t make a graduation? Send a drink! With our current reality, though, the app can be an added revenue stream for breweries, bars, and restaurants who can offer drinks, get paid now, and have a customer ready to come in when normalcy sets back in.”

BruYou uses a similar system to popular peer-to-peer apps that are designed to send friends money. The difference is that instead of money, the new app makes it possible to send drinks. The drinks can be redeemed in person, and contactless.

Purchased drinks also provide the participating businesses with instant revenue, no matter when they are redeemed. There is also a built-in tip for every transaction to make sure servers and bartenders are not left out. The app is free to download.

The team is currently working on expanding its reach and adding more bars, breweries, and restaurants to its list of partners. As the app continues to grow, the group plans to make it available in more cities and states.

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