Lights, Camera, Save! Teen Video Contest Underway at Centric Bank

Mark Hostutler
Image via Centric Bank

Centric Bank is now accepting submissions for its “Lights, Camera, Save!” video contest.

The contest, organized by the American Bankers Association Foundation, is a national competition that encourages teens to use video to communicate the value of sound money management and inspire their peers to become financially responsible.

“Financial education is crucial for a student’s successful future, and we are proud to participate in a contest that reinforces that message,” said Patricia (Patti) A. Husic, Centric Bank’s President and CEO. “‘Lights, Camera, Save!’ provides an opportunity for students in Pennsylvania to harness their creativity while learning about wise money management and communicate those lessons with their peers.”

To participate, students (ages 13-18) must create a video, 30 seconds or less, on using money wisely and submit a link to the video, along with a completed entry form, to Centric Bank by March 1.

Centric Bank will host the first round of judging and award prizes up to $500. The first-place winner will go on to compete on the national level for several cash prizes, including $5,000 for first place, $2,000 for second place, and $1,000 for the third and fourth place. For the first time in “Lights, Camera, Save!” history, national contestants will go head to head in a bracket-style tournament on the ABA’s Instagram page.

Videos will be judged on their quality, message, content, and the criteria set forth by the contest’s official rules. Click here to learn more about “Lights, Camera, Save!”