2021 VISTA Millennial Superstars: Christopher Moy

Mark Hostutler

Christopher Moy, who grew up in southern New Jersey, is a Manager and Lead Technology Architect at Cerner, a supplier of health information technology services, devices, and hardware that lets communities and people engage in their own health.

Moy, who began working as a paperboy when he was 14 years old, earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Elizabethtown College. He credits his music teachers from high school with having the biggest impact on his career.

“Through music, I learned many of the habits and qualities I rely on in my professional life, such as the importance of respect for one another, feedback from team members, and the power of shared goals,” said Moy. “Music provides a framework to learn about yourself, how you will respond to adversity, and how to handle the pressure of being on stage. My instructors were role models who led by example and taught us not only music but life lessons.”

His proudest professional moment occurred in 2012, when a children’s hospital in the New Orleans area asked for assistance in its impending hurricane preparations.

“In less than 24 hours, my team added two additional network access methods and created a way for emergency evacuation areas to access electronic medical records and pharmacy solutions,” said Moy. “Once the hurricane passed, the appreciation from the client was profound. Contributing to a team that was able to help a hospital system and patients during their time of need is, and continues to be, my proudest professional accomplishment.”

Moy’s favorite Chester County restaurant is The Buttery in Malvern.

“It’s a great spot to catch up with friends and colleagues,” he said.